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About Us

Improving the customer experience has been our primary focus for over 25 years. Adopting an open and consultative approach from the outset has enabled us to build rapport and trust with our clients quickly. Applying our tried and tested formula has enabled organisations to deliver a consistent experience, improve customer satisfaction ratings, increase loyalty and drive uplift in revenues.

With Customer Experience being recognised as the single most important factor impacting the success of a business, Imtiaz continues to pave the way for commerce to deliver customer interactions that are both world-leading and memorable.

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Our Approach

Customer service has been our passion for 25 years and we always take an open, collaborative and consultative approach right from the outset. This enables us to get to know you and your business quickly – to build trust and rapport from day one. We use a tried and tested formula which helps clients to deliver a consistent experience, improve customer ratings and increase loyalty. This in turn drives up revenue and helps gather valuable insight into buying behaviour. Ultimately, systems, processes and people skills all improve.

01. Discover

We talk to understand how your customers feel about your business, how that impacts you and what you would like to achieve.

02. Design

We agree how to resolve customer impact, prevent reoccurrence and how you will engage with customers to enhance satisfaction.

03. Deliver

We implement the agreed design to delight your customers, working together to deliver your goals.