The importance of reflection and the value of a Lessons Learned review should not be underestimated. After all, you can’t succeed without learning from your mistakes.

Here are some tops tips for a Lessons Learned process:

  1. An open and honest culture is imperative to create the best conditions and set the right tone.
  2. A skilled and impartial facilitator should lead the review to avoid any feelings of bias.
  3. The process must bring value to future work. If you can’t tick this box, don’t waste valuable time.
  4. Ensure feedback is collected from all relevant parties, e.g. designers, engineers, users.
  5. Survey & interview design is key to gathering the most pertinent feedback.
  6. To ensure the input is fresh, schedule the review in a timely manner.
  7. Accountability is required to ensure expected behaviours are upheld to achieve the review goals.
  8. Validate next steps and establish timelines & owners for actions before closing the review.
  9. Summarise & publish the findings companywide to demonstrate value in the process.
  10. Execute the plan to deliver tangible results from the review.