The dash to remote learning over the last 12 months has shone a very bright spotlight on the quality and content of e-learning courses.

Never before has it been so important to ensure the digital learning experience meets the needs of a physically disconnected classroom.

With this mode widely being accepted as the ‘new normal’, here are some top tips to optimise the e-learning experience.

  1. Offer your course on multiple channels to ensure you capture scholar preference for both desktop and mobile users.
  2. A variety of delivery methods can cover different learning styles via on-demand e-learning, live online sessions or a blended approach.
  3. Define clear learning outcomes to increase engagement, ultimately leading to fulfilment and satisfaction.
  4. Interactive activities are a must as these bring personalisation and energy into the learning environment.
  5. Include videos and case studies to demonstrate the application of the learning in real-life scenarios.
  6. Incorporate feedback opportunities through polls and surveys to further enhance engagement and in parallel gather insight from the scholars.
  7. Provide opportunities for social sharing to create more buy-in, offering ways to share short videos and create posts on social media profiles.
  8. Build a suite of courses that keep the scholars returning to your platform for additional learning opportunities.