Do you panic when a crisis looms? Or are you prepared and ready?

The importance of a Crisis Management Plan cannot be undervalued in any business. Preparing for an unplanned or unexpected event is crucial. Here are some top tips to help you mould your processes.

  1. Plan ahead! Don’t wait until the crisis is upon you.
  2. Assign an owner to coordinate all internal & external communications.
  3. Ensure a timely response to avoid any further damage.
  4. Ascertain the facts as quickly as possible.
  5. Active listening is a must!
  6. Agree frequency of updates and ensure this is communicated internally and externally.
  7. Show empathy throughout the crisis period.
  8. Gain customer authorisation to close down the crisis event after resolution.
  9. Post-crisis, run a Lessons Learned workshop to confirm root cause, review corrective actions and identify preventative measures.
  10. Be open and honest.