A complaint comes in – how do you respond? Do you dwell on it? Or do you see it as an opportunity to fine-tune your company? How can you turn a complaint into a power tool for bettering your company?

Complaints from your customer can make or break your organisation. It’s time to see what you’re made of – here are 10 ways customer complaints can benefit you and your organisation.

  1. Are there areas where your product needs improving, updating or upgrading? Customer complaints can help identify what is working and what falls short. Identify team players who need more training or a refresher course, monitor service levels throughout your organisation and attain consistency in your service delivery.
  2. Streamline your policies and procedures by removing any unsuitable, unclear, or outdated policies and procedures that keeps your customer from satisfaction.
  3. Improving customer communication allows you to keep key information up-to-date and relevant.
  4. A customer wants to speak to the manager? Perfect! This enables service concerns and problems that matter to the customer to be relayed directly to senior management.
  5. Develop detailed case studies for your service education programs and enable your team to bounce back with a wealth of information on how they can reply and improve the customer experience.
  6. Trigger positive change by sharing customer complaints and educate the team on where the level of customer experience should be. Keep your team engaged and active with new problems to keep them grounded and focused on achieving the organisation’s goals and priorities.
  7. Creatively solving your customer complaints may present new business opportunities to reduce operational costs, increase revenue and increase company value.
  8. Customers may tell you that another company delivers their product in a different, more preferable way. This provides you with valuable competitive intelligence, allowing you to become a fierce competitor in the market.
  9. Invite your customers to be a part of the conversation that creates solutions by including them in surveys, beta-tests and panels, and understand your customer better.
  10. Most importantly, customers who complain are giving you a second chance. Remember, most customers will complain to friends, family and colleagues, leaving you at a loss. Win back your customer’s loyalty by responding and show that you care.

If you are unsure where to begin with effective complaint management, opt for the experts. We would love to help you navigate this so drop us a line at info@imtiazconsultancy.co.uk and let’s chat.

This blog was produced in collaboration with the fabulous content writer, Zena Sheikh.