Did you know 93% customer initiatives fail, as do 70% transformation programs – that’s huge!

Billions of pounds spent every year without any positive outcomes.

For these projects to be successful, we need to win hearts and minds. The good news is emotional connections are on the rise.

So if we can create greater connections between our people and our customers, and also between colleagues, these initiatives and programs are more likely to succeed. But how do we do this?

Well, we need to create a customer-facing team that can do the following:

  • Build trust – keep promises, be responsive and honour commitments
  • Demonstrate empathy – to enable people to be heard
  • Show love – because compassion and genuine interest can go a long way
  • Tell a great story – relay a relatable engaging story to build strong emotional connections
  • Create a delightful customer experience – be creative in delivering wow moments and surprise your customers by over-delivering above and beyond their expectations
  • Get personal – in a suitable manner explore favourite pastimes, movies or sports to build a deeper rapport
  • Use humour – of course judgement is of paramount importance, ensure this is appropriate, be professional and respectful!

Now… take a look at your team. Do they exhibit these behaviours?

With emotional intelligence still developing, this is a great opportunity to build greater connections between your people and also with your customers.